Bricklin & Newman LLP to City of Kenmore

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  1. The points are expressed clearly. Thank you! The park should have a steward who promises to protect nature. No matter how many times I asked Mr. Daniels to become that steward/protector of the park’s nature, he has only focused on the hotel and its renovation and his profit. That’s not what is special and irreplacable about St. Edward Park…what is special and irreplacable and NEEDS to be protected in perpetuity is that natural darkness, forest, habitat for wildlife like raptors who need darkness and some peace. It is a rare piece of nature in an urban setting, a necessity for our peace of mind in a stressful world. Our children and grandchildren need us-the wise grownups- to protect nature so they know what is worth protecting. The hotel could go elsewhere. You will not be able to lure wildlife to a hotel which is surrounded by artificial lighted ballfields. Good grief, Kenmore, why didn’t you lead a protection of the natural habitat instead of promoting an artificial lighted ballfield which would displace the environmental education already in place? I hope Kenmore Council will change their mind and remove their push to replace the grass field with artificial lighted ballfield, especially now that we proved their PAUE was not based on sufficient best available science. We need leaders in our State and City to promote environmental education as an economic plus.

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