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Urgent: Need Mass Vocal Opposition to Land Grab Bill

Update – see this post for most efficient ways to contact reps.

St. Edward Park and our State Park System needs your immediate help.

Wednesday, January 27, 1:30 the Senate Natural Resource Committee will consider a bill that will permanently alter the sale and exchange of State Park Land by the State Parks Commission. Currently, a unanimous consent of the Commission is necessary for sale or exchange of State Lands. This bill would allow a vote of four (out of seven) to transact Park business ( including sale of property ). The bill will significantly lengthen the lease time to eighty years. read more

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Feb.9 2016 Public Hearing – St Ed Land Exchange

Daniels Real Estate land exchange proposal

Public hearing Feb.9 !

Nutshell background – Daniels wishes to take private ownership of 5 public acres central to St Edward State Park by exchanging it for the parcel outlined in yellow below.

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A Vision for the Seminary Building

Eddie RaccoonWe, Citizens for Saint Edward State Park, and the broader community OPPOSE a commercial takeover of the core of the park, or any plan for the central plateau that will detract from the park experience.

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