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2016 Feb 22 Kenmore, WA: City Council Zoning Hearing – Conflict of Interest?

Video with pertinent moments called out

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Kenmore, WA, Ball Fields Public Meeting 2-23-16

By Judy Finn
A public meeting entitled “St. Edward State Park Ballfield Improvements Open House” was held by the City of Kenmore.on Feb. 23 from 7 – 8:30 pm and consisted of a 40-minute presentation conducted by City Manager, Rob Karlinsey, with additional input from Development Director, Debbie Bent, and Council Member, Brent Smith, plus three hired consultants; and a 30-minute segment for public comments and Q&A. In a nutshell, the city of Kenmore wants to sign a 30-year lease at Saint Edward with no lease payments to State Parks and develop 3.5 acres into a set of high tech ball fields with the following features: read more

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TUE, FEB 23, 7 PM- Come to Ball Parks at Saint Edward State Park Meeting at Kenmore City Hall

Future of St. Ed Core: Ball Parks and Parking Lots?

By Peter Lance
Eddie Hiking in the Park-ing -scaledI think one of the big snow jobs that are overwhelming the Park Commissioners are the traffic and parking issues. Daniels, Hankinson and the City of Kenmore seem to turn a blind eye to this? I don’t think the ballfields and hotel will play well with park visitors or each other. I think the combined effects of the individual proposed changes in the park are NOT well understood. The Daniel’s proposal claims, “We don’t expect the park entrance road to be widened or altered as a result of this project.” Maybe not, however add baseball to this and you probably have a Perfect Storm of internal traffic and parking problems. Having professional parking and traffic studies done before anything is agreed is just common sense. read more

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The State Parks System Wants to Get ‘Entrepreneurial.’ But Some Are Wary.

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Overseas Investors for St. Edward State Park?

Please see the following KUOW article, which quotes Kevin Daniels. In the photo, Kevin Daniels is to the far right. Have you heard speculation about Daniels’ funding sources for the St. Ed’s project? While this article does not confirm overseas investors as his source, it looks probable.


Looks like Daniels definitely depends on outside investors and would likely do so for St. Edward State Park. We would imagine that assuming ownership of the state park land would be far more enticing to his investors than merely obtaining a lease. read more

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Dear Washington State Parks Commissioners,

We see what is going on. You are so confident in your authority that you really don’t even have to work to hide your agenda. We realize the decisions have already been made behind closed doors. As usual, money leads the way. Silent handshakes are made in the best interests of a few vs the many. These hearings are obviously just the bare minimum facade required to march through a process that you’ve already determined. I pray you never wake up to the horror of the damage your arrogance has caused. But if you ever do, just remember you were warned and the decision to sell your soul was entirely yours. read more

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Oppose HB2667 House Capital Budget

Urgent: SHB2667 in House Capital Budget Hearing/ Executive Session
Monday, February 8, 9:00 A.M.

Send message to Chair: Capital Budget Representative Steve Tharinger: steve.tharinger@leg.wa.gov phone 360-786-7904
and to 1st District Vice Chair: derek.stanford@leg.wa.gov phone 360-786-7928

House Capital Budget Chairman Steve Tharinger and
Capital Budget members:

I am opposed to SHB2667. Section 3 page 5 lines 15,16 of the substitute bill would allow the Parks Commission to sell or exchange State Park Land with a simple majority vote of “4”. Please remove the striker of the SHB 2667 bill that requires a unanimous vote of the Park Commission for sell or exchange of land. read more

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FEB 9- Comment to WA State Parks Commission:

by Ann Hurst
a. lack of transparency
b. lack of process including not sending out requests for proposal, no traffic study, no parking study
c. fraudulent trade
d. bill going through State House and State Senate to change vote number from unanimous to majority to sell especially popular State Parks and the same bill to increase lease time to 80 years
e. Recreation and Conservation Funding Board, state agency that has responsibility along with National Park Service regarding hearing in April — is Daniels doing a fair swap or a land grab?
f. Ballfields must also provide to satisfy Land and Water Conservation rules, a land swap if to be improved and dedicated to one organization and under City Management that will prioritize that organization, and ballfields also need traffic study, parking study, impact on wetland study and on major pileated nesting site and other critters who nest in contiguous wetland with night lights, noise, traffic, pollution. read more

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Seattle Times Article 2/1/2016

Great to see the article in Seattle Times today bringing attention to big decisions being made so everyone gets a chance to voice opinion.

The following mention of unanimous decision for sell off of public land wasn’t entirely transparent.

Under state law, to approve a land exchange, the seven-member commission’s decision must be unanimous.

Please reference Senate Bill 6377 and House Bill 2677 currently being fast tracked through approval. These bills specifically reduce the unanimous vote down to 4 of 7. Presumably these changes will be in place just in time to affect the St. Edward process and subsequently every other State Park. read more

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Update – see this post for most efficient ways to contact reps.

The identical companion bill to SB6377 has now been added to the House Environment Committee HB 2667 for hearing tomorrow, Tuesday, January 26, 1:30 P.M. If by some miracle, anyone can attend please sign in as OPPOSED and testify.

Here is what you might say:

Not only the St. Edward Park land, but many of our other state parks are prime/waterfront/scenic parks obtained many years ago. They are priceless and the land is irreplaceable. Allowing a simple majority of four from an appointed body to sell such lands, subject to political pressure from budget cuts, and political favoritism is foolish. read more

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