PERK Meeting Feb 28

Attend our next meeting

The next PERK meeting will be held at 1 pm on February 28th, in the Lake Trail Taproom at 192 Brewing in Kenmore (7324 NE 175th Street). All interested people are invited to attend. The meetings are informal and enjoyable. Because we meet at a pub, folks will often have a brew or a glass of wine. We shoot for a 90-minute meetings.

It’s perfectly OK to stop by, show your support, participate in a part of the meeting, and then head off. If you want show up for a particular topic, contact Elizabeth Mooney a few days before the meeting, and she’ll give you a good estimate of when your topic will be discussed.

The tentative agenda is as follows:

  1. Kenmore Air Transportation Pier Appeal (Dredging at Kenmore Air Harbor).
  2. Fundraising (an auction is possible)
  3. Update on planned development at St. Edward State Park.
  4. St. Edward Park Seminary/wetland/ballfield/PAUE hearing/comments update
  5. Update on efforts to monitor emissions from the Asphalt Cemex and Calportland plants.
  6. Possible projects on Stream 0056

There will be an OPTIONAL site visit before the meeting at 11:00 am. We will meet at Log Boom Park and do a site visit there and at St. Edward State Park. It’s not a bad idea to contact Elizabeth Mooney to let her know you’re planning to attend.

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