Parks Commission Proposes Giving Seminary to Private University

UPDATE  State Parks has CANCELLED the Public Meeting and sent out an email on 1/15/2015 which reads in part:

The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission is cancelling the planning meeting regarding the Saint Edward Seminary rehabilitation that was scheduled for February 4th at the Northshore Utility District in Kenmore. The cancellation is due to Bastyr University’s withdrawal of their proposal.


The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission is working with Bastyr University and a private developer to explore ways to rehabilitate the Seminary.

We encourage you to learn more and consider how this proposal would impact Saint Edward State Park’s natural environment and intended use for passive outdoor recreation.  Some concerns include:

  • The Seminary building would be developed for private use and closed to the public.
  • A loss of housing for park rangers.
  • Increased vehicle traffic within the park and on surrounding roads.
  • Reduced pedestrian safety.  Bastyr has indicated interest in regular use of the road that runs right next to the playground.  This road is currently used by park visitors for running, biking, walking, etc.
  • A loss of natural open space to the creation of parking and paved walkways.

You can read a pdf of the Concept Proposal here.  State Parks Objectives listed in the proposal:

  1. Bastyr acquires the Saint Edward Seminary building complex including the pool, gymnasium, and parking lot.
  2. State Parks acquires adjacent Bastyr land, appraised at equal value to the building complex, which is located along the shared entry road of the park.
  3. Project protects more open space with the acquisition of the Bastyr property, yet preserves the building complex and its cultural landscape.
  4. Land between buildings remains open for park visitor pedestrian circulation.
  5. Establish a new State Parks maintenance facility about 2,000 square feet.
  6. Daniels Real Estate, following the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards, rehabilitates the Seminary building. The pool building, treated as a non-historic feature, is re-purposed as a rentable facility available for public use. The gym is unchanged and primarily used by Bastyr, but also available for limited public use.
  7. Re-establish new parking elsewhere through redesign or expansion of existing parking lots.

It is important that State Parks Commission hears from you.  Please provide your comments:

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