Oppose HB2667 House Capital Budget

Urgent: SHB2667 in House Capital Budget Hearing/ Executive Session
Monday, February 8, 9:00 A.M.

Send message to Chair: Capital Budget Representative Steve Tharinger: steve.tharinger@leg.wa.gov phone 360-786-7904
and to 1st District Vice Chair: derek.stanford@leg.wa.gov phone 360-786-7928

House Capital Budget Chairman Steve Tharinger and
Capital Budget members:

I am opposed to SHB2667. Section 3 page 5 lines 15,16 of the substitute bill would allow the Parks Commission to sell or exchange State Park Land with a simple majority vote of “4”. Please remove the striker of the SHB 2667 bill that requires a unanimous vote of the Park Commission for sell or exchange of land.

In addition, SHB would allow a simple majority vote for lease of state park land for 80 years. There are differing opinions regarding this provision regarding the increase in the lease time from 50 to 80 years. I have concerns regarding the longer lease time, and about the simple (4) majority vote for the proposed 80 year lease.

I understand this bill is before the House Capital Budget Committee on Monday. Please oppose the bill as written and propose substitute language.

I urge you to retain the unanimous vote for sale/ or exchange [remove the striker] of parkland and if the lease time is extended to 80 years make this a requirement for a supermajority vote of the Park Commission (7 members on the Commission)

Thank you for careful consideration of this bill.

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  1. Patrick E. O'Brien says:

    Call me if you like I have written on the topic.

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