Public Rec Req: Deeds between Archdiocese and WA State to then WA State Parks

The deed from Archdiocese to State of Washington and then from State of Washington to State Parks.

1977-10-04 IAC-LWCF-Agreements_Saint Edward

  1. A copy of the Purchase and Sale Agreement? – No PSA. In 1981 Legislature under ESB 4022, Chapter 114 of the laws of 1981, directed the Department of General Administration to transfer the lands and improvements, originally purchased under Interagency Committee for Outdoor Recreation (IAC), now the Recreation and Conservation office (RCO), grant contract #78-501A (via a Federal Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) grant program agreement #53-00373), to Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission.

  2. Who was the Title Company?- Transamerica Title Insurance Company

  3. Who did the Escrow?- The Washington State Department of General Administration did their own land transactions.

  4. What were the terms and conditions of the sale?- Compliance with the original grant funding source that acquired the property originally, through the IAC (with Federal LWCF funds) as referenced above.

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2 Responses to Public Rec Req: Deeds between Archdiocese and WA State to then WA State Parks

  1. Bryan Faubion says:

    It is nice that you were able to obtain the deeds. I would love to take a look to see what conditions are contained within. May I?

    • eddie says:

      @Bryan Faubion – Sorry for the late response, but the links to the actual documents are at the top of this post. Most things like this will also be found gathered under our documents page.

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