2016 Feb 22 Kenmore, WA: City Council Zoning Hearing – Conflict of Interest?

Video with pertinent moments called out

full agenda

Kenmore City Hall Hearing on February 22, 2016: Regarding Public Agency Utility Exception PAUE
City’s Plan to Pave Paradise (St. Edward Washington State Park)
and Put Up a Parking Lot
Summary by Eddie the Raccoon

Watch it! Changing Zoning
Minute 00:55:30 for Public Agency Utility Exception (PAUE)– Explanation
Minute 01:00:00 Development Services Approves It’s Own Exceptions to the Zoning for Critical Areas! Where are Development Services’ qualifications?
See Minute 01:05:00 No Ratio: Mitigate Impacts to Critical Areas to Maximum “Practical” Extent!
01:06:10 “Letting us off too easy,” Councilman Curtis
01:07:40 “Practical sounds ‘Squishy’ to me,” Deputy Mayor VanNess
01:10:00 Needs versus Wants, Councilman Herbig
01:10:30 Public agencies proposal “Like ball fields at St. Edward,” Senior Planner Lauri Anderson
01:15:00-01:16:40– “My recollection is that our proposed changes are more restrictive than Sammamish,” City Manager Karlinsey. False!

Alcohol in St. Edward’s?
See minutes: 00:38:10 for updating zoning alcohol in park;
00:52:25-00:53:01 Changing Zoning for St. Edward- “Another example would be Saint Edward State Park, if a restaurant wanted to locate in the Seminary building, the zoning change allows that to happen as an established use with appropriate land use approval,” City Manager Karlinsey

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