City of Kenmore essentially eliminating St Ed wetland for ballfield moderization

Did you know that this project…

…will destroy 100% of the grassy field, which will be replaced by artificial turf?

…will destroy 90% of the wetland buffer?

…will require that the artificial turf be replaced approximately every 10 years at a cost of approximately 1 million dollars each time – paid for by taxpayers?
(Reminder: government grant money IS taxpayer money.)

…will primarily benefit North Lake Little League and other PRIVATE sports teams and organizations in this area?

…will eliminate all current and future uses of the NATURAL field for environmental education and other activities of diverse groups across the greater Puget Sound region?

…will change the authentic “feel” of the park from one of quiet, natural serenity to one of crowds, noise, traffic, parking overflow, and bright lights – all typical of a sports complex?

…includes stadium lighting which creates a shortage of insects that are necessary for bats and insect-loving birds who inhabit this park?

…has already cost Kenmore taxpayers over a quarter of a million dollars for study and planning expenses?

…requires a Critical Area Variance from our state’s existing environmental policy?

This Variance Application is applied for, reviewed, AND decided upon
(approved or rejected) by various departments – all in the City of Kenmore.

Please submit comments by the deadline of
4:30 PM, Friday, September 8th, 2017

Comments can be emailed to:
or mailed or hand delivered to Kenmore City Hall

flyer summary.docx

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