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Our Vision, Save Our Park: Open-Air Monument $1.3 mil

Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission Partial Demolition Quote


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Hendrickson, et al. v. City of Kenmore – 16-3-0002

Citizens Challenged and Won Appeal! Citizens Versus Kenmore’s Public Agency Utility Exception (PAUE) to Growth Management Hearings Board

Growth Management Hearings Board Central Puget Sound Region Finds City of Kenmore Failed to Include Best Available Science.pdf

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SAVE Public St Edward WA State Park from Private Developers

[Update 2016-12-24]
The $5K goal was achieved, thanks to everyone involved! Please see Bricklin & Newman LLP to City of Kenmore for that work product. Legal’s next recommended steps to appeal the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) range from $3k to $10k depending on their involvement and both sides’ tenacity; leading up to JAN 5, 2016, signing of 62-year lease agreement between Daniels developer and WA State Parks.

The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process has started. We need legal advocacy to help save St. Edward State Park from developers. Our goal is to raise $5K by OCT 1, 2016. Thanks for all your contributions! We want to keep Saint Edward WA State Park PUBLIC, as a 316-acre park in Kenmore and Kirkland, Washington.
eddie-raccoon-1Map of St. Edward- Red Box Future Parking Lot Expansion_Page_1_Image_0005
Sep 16, 2016 —
The washington parks commission votes 9/22 on whether to extend the Deadline for developer Daniels to submit his plan to turn the seminary into his private hotel, Tell the commission keep the building for public parks use, not a hotel!! Please email NOW Save St Eds!! read more

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Save Our Grass Fields

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Letter from Olympic Cricket Club
Eddie Cricket
For the Cricket Players

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St. Edward’s Play Field and Stream #0226

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WA State Department of Commerce: Potential St. Edward State Park Public and Non-Profit Uses

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Public Rec Req: Deeds between Archdiocese and WA State to then WA State Parks

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Kenmore’s Plans for Ballfields at Saint Edward State Park!

Latest info: lots of answers about Kenmore’s plans are in material submitted this week to the State Recreation & Conservation Office (RCO) as part of the two $750K grant applications to fund the ballfields development. Info is on the webpages below. Once there, click on links dated 5/12/16 and 5/13/16 under the “Attach Date” column. The links take you to a PowerPoint presentation and two PDF documents entitled “16-1643 Draft-St. Edward Ballfields Renovation,” which is part of a detailed rating process. read more

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Foreign Investors for St. Edward?

Daniels Proposal is to Turn Seminary Into $50 MIL Conference Center

KUOW.ORG: Seattle Is Epicenter For This Green Card Program’s Problems. The EB-5 program offers permanent residency in exchange for investment. Is the St. Edward Seminary building next?

Foreign Investors for Daniels Proposal of Seminary?
Daniels is on far right.

Seattle Times: Money from investor visas floods U.S., but doesn’t reach targeted poor areas Now, said Daniels, EB-5 capital accounts for about $250 million of Fifth & Columbia’s $440 million project.

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Daniels Hotel/Conference Center Floor Plans

Daniels Proposal St. Edward Seminary Conference Center Floor Plans

The Daniels Proposal will turn St. Edward Seminary into a conference center: 80 rooms, LOTS of meeting rooms, plus a café, large restaurant, bar and lounge.
There will be much more traffic than the hotel guests coming and going.

A rough calculation shows the following:
80 bedrooms and suites – 30,600 sq. ft.
19 conference and meeting rooms (large, med, small) – 18,300 sq. ft.
Restaurant, cafe & lounge/bar – 4,100 sq. ft.
Spa – 980 sq. ft.
Kitchen, furnaces, building operation areas – 9,600 sq. ft. read more

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