Contacting your legislators

Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission

  • Facebook page
  • Agency Director – Don Hoch
  • Executive Assistant to the Director and Commission – Becki Ellison
  • Assistant Director, Operations – Mike Sternback
  • Assistant Director, Parks Development – Peter Herzog
  • Assistant Director, Administrative Services – Shelly Hagen
  • Human Resources Director – Becky Daniels
  • Communications Director – Virginia Painter
  • Policy and Government Affairs Director – Daniel Farber

    Park Commissioners

    Parks.State.WA.US Commissioners Home Page
    Official “Contact Us” page
    Primary email:

    district end of term
    Lucinda S. Whaley Spokane December 31, 2020
    Rodger Schmitt Port Townsend December 31, 2020
    Patricia T. Lantz Gig Harbor December 31, 2020
    Mark O. Brown, Vice Chair Lacey December 31, 2016
    Steve S. Milner, Chair Chelan December 31, 2016
    Douglas D. Peters Selah December 31, 2018
    Ken Bounds, Secretary Seattle December 31, 2018

    State Legislature

    Governor Jay Inslee
    send an e-message
    Office of the Governor
    PO Box 40002
    Olympia, WA 98504-0002

    District Map – names hyperlink directly contact info


    Legislator (Party) District # Phone Email
    Jessyn Farrell (D) 46 (206) 856 1669
    Gerry Pollet (D) 46 (360) 786 7886
    David Frockt (D) 46 (206) 729 3243
    (360) 786 7690
    Derek Stanford (D) 1
    Luis Moscoso (D) 1
    Roger Goodman (D) 45
    Larry Springer (D) 45

    1st District – Represents part of northeast King County and south Snohomish County, including areas of Kirkland, Bothell, Mountlake Terrace, and Brier.
    5th District – Represents part of King County including Woodinville, Duvall, and part of Kirkland, Redmond, and Sammamish. read more

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Sign Petition to Save Saint Edward State Park

Let Washington State Parks Commission know you want Saint Edward State Park to remain publicly owned and preserved in its entirety. Add your name to the petition! If you signed the previous petition we thank you, and encourage you to add your name to the newest one as well.

We feel this latest petition reflects the best vision for the park. Add your name to the petition today!

NOTE: It seems can be finicky about submission… several folks have received an error on initial attempts… recommend registering for a login and/or making sure you have a fresh page refresh just prior to submitting… therefore best to compose your message elsewhere first and then paste it in right when you’re ready to submit. read more

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Bricklin & Newman LLP to City of Kenmore

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One Response to Bricklin & Newman LLP to City of Kenmore

  1. The points are expressed clearly. Thank you! The park should have a steward who promises to protect nature. No matter how many times I asked Mr. Daniels to become that steward/protector of the park’s nature, he has only focused on the hotel and its renovation and his profit. That’s not what is special and irreplacable about St. Edward Park…what is special and irreplacable and NEEDS to be protected in perpetuity is that natural darkness, forest, habitat for wildlife like raptors who need darkness and some peace. It is a rare piece of nature in an urban setting, a necessity for our peace of mind in a stressful world. Our children and grandchildren need us-the wise grownups- to protect nature so they know what is worth protecting. The hotel could go elsewhere. You will not be able to lure wildlife to a hotel which is surrounded by artificial lighted ballfields. Good grief, Kenmore, why didn’t you lead a protection of the natural habitat instead of promoting an artificial lighted ballfield which would displace the environmental education already in place? I hope Kenmore Council will change their mind and remove their push to replace the grass field with artificial lighted ballfield, especially now that we proved their PAUE was not based on sufficient best available science. We need leaders in our State and City to promote environmental education as an economic plus.

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