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Connect with Kenmore City Council

Follow this link to the City of Kenmore web site and find the council members’ email addresses as shown below:

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Historic ball field in St. Edward State Park faces irrevocable change

Letter to Editor, Kenmore-Bothell Reporter
Wed Aug 30th, 2017 8:30am

To all who value and enjoy St. Edward State Park: I write to alert you.

The City of Kenmore is relentlessly pushing a $4.91-million proposal to “improve” the open and natural grass ball field by installing “a fenced synthetic turf field, a subsurface stormwater system, and other related structures,” like bleachers, backstops, dugouts, a perimeter walking path, field lighting, maintenance shed and added parking — not to mention more asphalt, vehicles, congestion and noise. read more

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City of Kenmore essentially eliminating St Ed wetland for ballfield moderization

Did you know that this project…

…will destroy 100% of the grassy field, which will be replaced by artificial turf?

…will destroy 90% of the wetland buffer?

…will require that the artificial turf be replaced approximately every 10 years at a cost of approximately 1 million dollars each time – paid for by taxpayers?
(Reminder: government grant money IS taxpayer money.)

…will primarily benefit North Lake Little League and other PRIVATE sports teams and organizations in this area?

…will eliminate all current and future uses of the NATURAL field for environmental education and other activities of diverse groups across the greater Puget Sound region? read more

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