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Foreign Investors for St. Edward?

Daniels Proposal is to Turn Seminary Into $50 MIL Conference Center

KUOW.ORG: Seattle Is Epicenter For This Green Card Program’s Problems. The EB-5 program offers permanent residency in exchange for investment. Is the St. Edward Seminary building next?

Foreign Investors for Daniels Proposal of Seminary?
Daniels is on far right.

Seattle Times: Money from investor visas floods U.S., but doesn’t reach targeted poor areas Now, said Daniels, EB-5 capital accounts for about $250 million of Fifth & Columbia’s $440 million project.

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Daniels Hotel/Conference Center Floor Plans

Daniels Proposal St. Edward Seminary Conference Center Floor Plans

The Daniels Proposal will turn St. Edward Seminary into a conference center: 80 rooms, LOTS of meeting rooms, plus a café, large restaurant, bar and lounge.
There will be much more traffic than the hotel guests coming and going.

A rough calculation shows the following:
80 bedrooms and suites – 30,600 sq. ft.
19 conference and meeting rooms (large, med, small) – 18,300 sq. ft.
Restaurant, cafe & lounge/bar – 4,100 sq. ft.
Spa – 980 sq. ft.
Kitchen, furnaces, building operation areas – 9,600 sq. ft. read more

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St. Edward Seminary Management Options- WA State Parks

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35 Pro and 33 Con Speak at State Parks “Land Exchange” Hearing Feb. 9, 2016

400+ attended a public hearing held by State Parks in Kenmore on February 9, to receive comments on a proposed “land exchange” at Saint Edward, officially known as a Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) “land conversion.” There was a 30-minute presentation conducted by State Parks Planner, Michael Hankinson, and Real Estate Developer, Kevin Daniels; followed by public comments from 7 – 9:20 pm during which 68 people, spoke for up to 2 minutes each almost evenly divided between pro and con. Go to Saint Edward Planning for A COMPLETE TRANSCRIPT You may continue to submit written comments on “Provide Comments”

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