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MAR 28: Action on Proposals for Ballfields and St. Ed Seminary

Email Kenmore City Council Against “Public Agency and Utility Exception (PAUE)”

Kenmore City Council EMAIL:

Rob Karlinsey, City Manager EMAIL:

Priority is the Kenmore City Council public hearing and vote next Monday at 7 pm to change the land use code that would facilitate construction of city ballfields at St. Ed’s. Written comments to the city council are more important than a personal appearance. Attending the hearing would be good but writing to the council between now and Monday morning is essential. See the ordinance on pages 3 – 4 of the agenda at March 28, 2016, Kenmore City Council Agenda

The council needs to hear your message loud and clear. Messages can be brief. Here is an example:

Do Not Pass Ordinance 16-0418 to Amend PAUE Regulations – The current code already provides exceptions for public agency projects and does not need to be expanded. Comparisons to other cities are not valid as other cities’ codes do not include private entity exceptions in their PAUE codes. Mitigation regulations already exist elsewhere in the city code and do not need clarification by amending PAUE regulations. Please retain the current code and vote no on Ordinance 16-0418. Please include these comments as part of the public hearing record for March 28, 2016. Thank you for your consideration.

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WA Senate may save the day. Stay tuned!

Yesterday’s speeches by Reps. Farrell and Pollet and two other representatives all in favor and no one speaking against are Live Debate at TVW at if you care to watch & listen. Segment runs from 02:11:30 to 02:20:00 minutes with audio and video.

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URGENT- Contact Senators: Oppose ES2HB 2667 (Engrossed Second Substitute House Bill 2667)

The requirement for a lease in excess of 20 years should be a UNANIMOUS VOTE by the Commission for ALL parks. If ES2HB 2667 becomes law, this will change. This bill violates protections needed for all our state parks and sets a bad precedent by permitting an exception for one state park, Saint Edward. For all other state parks, a unanimous vote of approval is required for a lease in excess of 20 years. This bill allows property within Saint Edward State Park to be leased for 62 years with only 5 votes of approval instead of 7. All state parks should have the same requirement for a sale or long-term lease of park property. There should not be a carve out for one specific park. It will take a robust rebuttal on the Senate floor to defeat ES2HB 2667.

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Daniels Proposal: Now Lease: 4.99 acres for buildings and 3 acres public parking expansion

The red outline indicates the 3-acre parking lot expansion. Aligning the southeast side of the map is a parking lot that is next to the castle playground (not included on the map).

Map of St. Edward- Red Box Future Parking Lot Expansion_Page_1_Image_0005

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