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Important Public Meeting Regarding Management Options for Saint Edward State Park

Update:  On 9/4/2014 State Parks posted the Saint Edward Seminary Agenda Item on their website.  Citizens for Saint Edward State Park has three initial areas of concern:

  1. The public should have more time to read and respond to the lengthy 25 page Agenda Item before the Commission makes their decision.  You can download this large file by choosing the “Item E-2 Saint Edward Seminary Management Options – RA” link  found here.
  2. On August 28, 2014, a group from the community met with State Parks Planners and advocated that a hybrid option called “Partially Vacate/Partially Rehabilitate” (see #6 below) be added to the agenda. This option and all others should receive equal and full consideration for discussion at the public meeting.
  3. In fact, even though these options won’t be presented to the community until the Public Meeting on September 10th, State Parks Staff has already narrowed their recommendations to only two options:  either adaptive reuse/lease or vacate.  Parks Staff  is asking the Parks and Recreation Commission to authorize the Director to rule out three other options:  mothball, no action, and partial removal or full removal.   Staff is also requesting the Commission direct them to explore rehabilitation proposals to ensure they have enough merit to pursue further and authorize staff to work with interested parties to develop lease and alternative governance options.  If a rehabilitation proposal does not yield results within twelve months, they ask that staff be directed to investigate vacation of the building.  (Note that with the two options of adaptive reuse/lease or vacate, ranger housing at the park has a great possibility of disappearing.)

Citizens for Saint Edward State Park strongly encourages you to attend the Public Meeting September 10, 2014 (more information below).  Every public comment, whether at the public meeting or in writing to the Commission, is very important.  If you can not attend, please submit your comments to the Commission at before September 12, 2014 read more

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